In November – December 2015, the Cartoon Museum’s Comics Creators Project partnered with Mind in Harrow to run a series of cartoon art workshops for adults experiencing stress, anxiety or low mood. Project curator Steve Marchant developed a series of workshops with cartoonist/tutor Richy K Chandler and Mind’s Emily Danby that Richy delivered every Wednesday for 8 weeks. The workshops were well-attended and we are proud to display some of the developmental and finished work that was produced by some of the participants.

The workshops were co-funded by the Cartoon Museum via its Heritage Lottery funding, and by MIND in Harrow.

We have every hope to work with MIND again in 2016.

 Comments from some of the participants:

“We are a group of creative people who, with the support of Mind in Harrow, have been exploring the power of cartoon art as a tool for self-expression. We all have lived experience of anxiety, depression and other related issues and we also all share a talent for art, which this course has helped us to use as an outlet to manage conflicting emotions.

The Comic Creators course has opened up our minds to a new perspective on comic art and graphic novels. We find ourselves to be more expressive and give other feeling through art, giving us an individual aspect of ourselves in our artwork. This helps break down the prejudice, stigma, and discrimination of people with mental health, taking away the conventional ideas that you cannot be creative or talented with mental health issues. It overcomes our self-doubt and fills us with the confidence to create art in our own style.

We came together and learned so much more that we expected to know about comics. Through the course, we also learned that we are not alone in our ideas of life, humour, and a good story narrative. This brings back our confidence and feelings of being connected to society.”


“The Comic Creators course opened a new world for me. I used to love comics for their story and art, but now I see how it helps people express themselves, to relax and think about what we hear, see, feel on certain things.”

“The course helped me to tap into my creative energies.”

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“What did I think of the course? Wow! Loved it! Enlightening and cool.”

“I never had much interest in comics as a child, and I wondered if this course would be for me. I’m so glad I joined! An excellent course and tutor. It was exciting expressing the surge of images, ideas and comic concepts which came swirling in my mind, and putting them into visual form. I’ve really caught the comic bug!”



These workshops had been possible thanks to the support of the Comic Creators Project at the Cartoon Museum funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and by MIND in Harrow.


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