Comic Creators Day 3 went down beautifully on August 13th here at the Cartoon Museum. We held three featured events, and allowed for free admission to the museum so that anyone could come in and see our new original art work!

The first event of the day was the Cartoon Museum’s final walk-through of ‘She Lives’ by Woodrow Phoenix. ‘She Lives’ has been at the Cartoon Museum since the last major exhibition, ‘The Great British Graphic Novel’. Due to travel delays Woodrow was only there for a portion of the reading but our very own Steve Marchant told the story beautifully. After the read-through, Woodrow answered questions including some from a woman who’s granddaughter sees Woodrow as her artist hero! Very cool!


After a break the crowd wondered upstairs to hear Catherine Beckett, from the National Army Museum speak on the museum’s new, free graphic novel. The novel is called ‘Ministry of Women‘ which is ‘A Graphic Anthology to Commemorate 100 Years of Women in the Army.’ The graphic novel was written and drawn by Helen Cross and Carol Adlam respectively. Ministry of Women is completely free and was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Catherine Beckett was representing the National Army Museum to hand out free copies and speak on the process of making a graphic novel for a museum.


The final event of the day was a talk and Q&A session by Mark Buckingham. The artist is best known for his work on Fables and Miraclelman. He is also currently doing art work for the music industry which he spoke on briefly at the event. The three-dimensional cover of Miracleman: The Golden Age is hung in our upstairs gallery and is a highlight of the Comic Creators project. We’re very thankful to Mark for coming out since he has just become a father! Thanks Mark! You can find links to a full recording of Mark’s talk below on our Facebook Page, as well as short video highlighting the day!

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We would like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting our work.

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