Steve Marchant


Steve Marchant is a writer and comic-strip artist who has been teaching the skills of cartoon and comic-strip art in schools, colleges, libraries, and youth clubs around London for the last 25 years.

He is currently the senior tutor and ‘Comics Creators Gallery’ curator at the Cartoon Museum. His illustration clients have included the BBC, British Airways, The British Council, Intel and ITV, and he has also written and drawn a number of educational comics for children and young people; his personal work appears in the award-winning online comic Aces Weekly.


20160107_175732-1Monica Ann Walker (@MAWalker_42) is an art historian with a passion for comic books and graphic novels, a subject that she has taught at the University of Louisville (Kentucky) and presented in various international conferences. She has done extensive research of sequential art dating back to the medieval period and its similarities with modern practices in the comic book industry.

She has been the digital manager and social media strategist for the Comic Creators Project at the Cartoon Museum from October 2015 to April 2016. She loves writing about comics and will continue to collaborate with the Comic Creators Project in the future.



Mary Akemon (@MaryAkemon) is a museum professional and digital content creator. Hailing from the United States, where she studied Art History and History at Florida State University, Mary is currently completing her Masters in Museum Studies at University College London.

Mary has worked at various cultural heritage institutions including The Ringling in Sarasota, Florida, New Orleans Museum of Art, the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, and the State Archives of Florida. Her work at with the Comic Creators Project will focusing on opening the digital brand to new users and creating a digital video presence for the project and the Cartoon Museum as a whole.

Tom Hunt

wordpress.jpgTom Hunt is a comic artist and graphic designer, arriving in London five years ago via Scotland and Texas. After finishing a degree in Architecture, he studied Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art, with a focus on expressionistic principles displayed in comic art.

Since coming to London he has worked for several comic publishers in various roles, as artist, editor, and director. He hopes to contribute to the Comic Creators Project by writing about the museum’s recent acquisitions, researching prime examples of Britain’s comic history, and engaging with creators and the public to track down treasures from the past.

Richard Crouch

Richard Crouch (@richgwilym) has been a civil servant and, during the 1990s, worked at Titan Distributors, which was bought by Diamond Comic Distributors and eventually became Diamond UK. But that wasn’t his fault. He has a lifelong interest in comics, and is assisting Steve with the Comic Creators Project.